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Open Match (Canal & Willow Lakes)



1st Super Jimbo 101lb 08oz, Peg23

2nd Lee Coomber 95lb 13oz, Peg31

3rd Steve Poole 94lb 15oz, Peg29

4th Simon Hailey 94lb 08oz, Peg36

5th Matt Pope 91lb 01oz, Peg25



1st Ian Boden 99lb 07oz, Peg8

2nd David Cooper 98lb 08oz, Peg57

3rd Daren Mallet 65lb 12oz, Peg3

4th Jamie Reed 58lb 15oz, Peg5

5th Hilton Kemp 58lb 13oz, Peg1

Well done everyone and a nice close match on canal..

Open Match (Canal & Willow Lakes)



1st Bob Nudd 100lb 11oz, Peg30

2nd Daren Mallett 100lb 08oz, Peg36

3rd Chris Cooper 78lb 06oz, Peg24


1st Steve Clark 110lb 07oz, Peg8

2nd Jim Barrowman 85lb 10oz, Peg2

3rd Scott Webster( bmc ) 73lb, Peg18

Well done everyone.. nice close match ..

Open Match (Willow Lake)


1st Nigel Shipp 122lb 13oz, Peg19

2nd Ian Boden 119lb 12oz, Peg52

3rd Wayne Anderson 90lb 01oz, Peg3

4th Lee Coomber 87lb 11oz, Peg17

5th Scott Webster (bmc) 85lb 02oz, Peg1

6th Chris Cooper 83lb 15oz, Peg5

Well done Nigel Shipp for doing the business, and Bodie just a couple of fish away on peg 52…nice one everyone on a close close match was good to see you all..

Plenty of Opens coming up pls book in ..

Open Match (Willow & Canal Lakes)



1st Ian Totterdale 155lb 01oz, Peg19

2nd Steve Poole 132lb 13oz, Peg2

3rd Jim Barrowman 105lb 10oz, Peg4


1st Cris Cooper 144lb 08oz, Peg36

2nd Ian Boden 118lb 10oz, Peg21

3rd Steve Clark 105lb 12oz, Peg28

A few bites had today on a cold day.. well done Totty on your unfavoured peg..nice to see a few old faces back again having a warm up ready for tomorrow.

Open Match (Canal Lake)



1st David Cooper 110lb  04oz, Peg36

2nd Ian Totterdale 82lb, Peg25

3rd Steve Poole 73lb 07oz, Peg22


Well done to everyone who fished!!

Open Match 2 Dayer (Willow Lake)

25th & 27th May 2024


1st Jack Damant 262lb 6oz, 3 pts

2nd Chris Cooper 209lb 8oz, 4pts

3rd Steve Poole 216lb 12oz, 5 pts

4th Steve Clark 205lb 7oz, 6 pts

5th Nigel Shipp 209lb 10oz, 7 pts

Open Match (Willow Lake)



1st Steve Clark 78lb 08oz, Peg52

2nd Mark Pollard 73lb 07oz, Peg10

3rd Daren Mallett 67lb 05oz, Peg19

4th David Cooper 65lb 10oz, Peg1

5th Jim Barrowman 61lb 10oz, Peg17


Well done everyone on a close match….

Open Match (Willow & Canal Lakes)



1st Chris Cooper 128lb 2oz, Peg18

2nd Steve Poole 118lb 04oz, Peg2

3rd Jim Barrowman 116lb 14oz, Peg 

4th Ian Boden 110lb 8oz, Peg14

5th Jamie Read 110lb 1oz, Peg20


1st Scott Webster (BMC) 99lb 01oz, Peg30

2nd Marv Price 87lb 04oz, Peg24

3rd Simon Hailey 81lb 01oz, Peg22

4th David Cooper 69lb 01oz, Peg26

5th Steve Clark 56lb 08oz, Peg33

Well done everyone with a very close match on Willow today!!

Open Match (Willow Lake)



1st Steve Poole 114lb 13oz, Peg17

2nd Jamie Reed 104lb 12oz, Peg1

3rd Nigel Shipp 87lb 11oz, Peg3

4th Wayne Anderson 86lb 12oz, Peg12

5th Jason Zenith 77lb 13oz, Peg10

6th Bob Nudd 76lb 13oz, Peg19

Open Match (Willow & Canal Lakes)





1st Jack Robert Gill 241lb 03oz, Peg3

2nd Steve Poole 131lb 15oz, Peg14

3rd Ian Boden 108lb, Peg1


1st Jack Dammant 178lb 01oz, Peg26

2nd Nigel Shipp 154lb 05oz, Peg24

3rd Mark Pollard 128lb 11oz, Peg36

Open Match (Willow & Silvers Lakes)



1st Jack Damant 172lb 05oz, Peg48

2nd Steve Clark 137lb 10oz, Peg42

3rd Matty Knot (bmc )125lb 15oz, Peg50

4th Jason Zenith 112lb 09oz, Peg46

5th Ricardo Baker 107lb 09oz, Peg44

6th Big Al 100lb 12oz, Peg40


1st Steve Poole 116lb 1oz, Peg1

2nd Eddie Howman 109lb 7oz, Peg10

3rd Jon Owen 106lb 15oz, Peg 3

4th Daniel Brydon 96lb 12oz, Peg5

5th Jim Barrowman 95lb 02oz, Peg8

6th Chris Cooper 94lb 10oz, Peg6


Well done everyone especially Steve Poole winning from a unfancied peg and super Jack D after a few weeks off!!

Open Match (Willow Lake)


1st Steve Clark 110lb 3oz, Peg12

2nd Ian Totterdale 84lb 10oz, Peg20

3rd Jim Barrowman 75lb 04oz, Peg3

4th Scott Webster (BMC) 74lb 09oz, Peg17

5th Daren Mallett 73lb 03oz, Peg1


Well done everyone.

Open Match (Willow Lake)



1st Jim Barrowman 97lb 11oz, Peg14

2nd Chris Cooper 82lb 11oz, Peg2

3rd David Cooper 75lb 2oz, Peg12

Well done everyone on another cold day.

Open Match (Willow & Canal Lakes)



1st Steve Poole 139lb 13oz, Peg17

2nd Chris Cooper 117lb 02oz, Peg10

3rd Marv Price 98lb 06oz, Peg6


1st Jamie Reed 116lb 10oz, Peg26

2nd Lee Coomber 109lb 08oz, Peg36

3rd Big Al Birthday Boy 97lb 13oz, Peg21

COLD COLD COLD AGAIN…Well done everyone!!!

Open Match (Canal & Willow Lakes)



1st Chris Cooper 120lb 8oz, Peg19

2nd Mark Haystead 120lb 5oz, Peg8

3rd David Cooper 106lb 7oz, Peg12

4th Ian Totterdale 101lb 4oz,Peg4


1st Scott Webster 111lb 07oz, Peg36

2nd Daniel Thain 104lb 12oz, Peg28

3rd Barry Coe 103lb 15oz, Peg26

4th Bob Nudd 83lb 07oz, Peg34

Well done everyone on a chilly day…with it super close for the honours on Willow

Open Match (Willow & Silvers Lakes)



1st Jamie Reed 157lb 02oz, Peg44

2nd Matty Knott 138lb 06oz, Peg42

3rd Ricardo Baker 132lb 05oz, Peg50

4th Marv Price 125lb 05oz, Peg48

5th Bob Nudd 123lb 07oz, Peg46


1st Ian Boden 123lb 05oz, Peg52

2nd David Cooper 119lb 14oz, Peg2

3rd Steve Poole 119lb 02oz, Peg5

4th Nigel Shipp 105lb 13oz, Peg19

5th Mark Pollard 103lb, Peg7

Really close matches everyone and thank you all you quality anglers for making this happen …

Open Match (Canal & Willow Lakes)



1st Barry Coe 115lb 03oz, Peg29

2nd Lee Coomber 105lb 4oz, Peg37

3rd Daniel Thain 91lb 10oz, Peg27

4th Bob Nudd 82lb 13oz, Peg31


1st David Cooper 108lb 07oz, Peg10

2nd Ian Totterdale 89lb 03oz, Peg2

3rd Mark Haysted 87lb 05oz, Peg12

4th Nigel Shipp 85lb 04oz, Peg2

Well done all 18 who fished..close matches again.

Open Match (Willow & Silvers Lakes)



1st Jamie Reed 189lb 08oz, Peg46

2nd Bob Nudd 159lb 03oz, Peg48

3rd Matty Knott 142lb 15oz, Peg42

4th Ricardo Baker 142lb 10oz, Peg44

Willow (Island End)...

1st Steve Clark 176lb 01oz, Peg12

2nd Mick Threadkell-Brown 146lb 14oz, Peg6

3rd Chris Cooper 124lb 02oz, Peg10

4th Super Big Al 110lb 12oz, Peg14

Well done everyone with plenty of bites.. 

Open Match (Canal Lake)



1st Jim Barrowman 101lb 13oz, Peg30

2nd Mark Pollard 99lb 04oz, Peg33

3rd Bob Nudd 86lb 07oz, Peg24

4th Scott Webster 82lb 04oz, Peg21

5th Barry Coe 77lb 06oz, Peg22

Well done on a good close match everyone..

Open Match (Willow Lake)



1st Gary Mallet 129lb 12oz, Peg18

2nd Bob Wessels 117lb 4oz, Peg4

3rd Ian Boden 113lb 14oz, Peg20

4th David Cooper 113lb 3oz, Peg2

5th Andrew Dearing 97lb 8oz, Peg11

6th Shirley Howard 73lb 12oz, Peg8

Open Match (Willow & Canal Lakes (5 hrs))



1st Barry Coe 116lb 08oz, Peg28

2nd Scott Webster 102lb, Peg26

3rd Mark Pollard 93lb 1oz, Peg30


1st Brian Eccles 70lb 05oz, Peg?

2nd Graham Kettle 70lb 02oz, Peg3

3rd Jim Barrowman 68lb 11oz, Peg6

Well done everyone.

Open Match (Silvers, Willow & Canal Lakes)



1st Jamie Reed 172lb 05oz, Peg42

2nd John Dale 145lb 6oz, Peg46

3rd Ricardo Baker 143lb 13oz, Peg49


1st Jim Barrowman 100lb 12oz, Peg36

2nd Matty Knott 82lb 01oz, Peg22

3rd Lee Coomber 78lb 15oz, Peg28


1st Daren Mallett 103lb 10oz, Peg18

2nd Steve Clark 87lb 05oz, Peg12

3rd David Cooper 77lb 02oz, Peg14

Well done everyone putting up with the windy conditions…

Open Match (Willow & Canal Lakes)



1st Gary Mallet 96lb 15oz, Peg26

2nd Barry Coe 95lb 01oz, Peg24

3rd David Cooper 87lb 07oz, Peg30


1st Mark Pollard 121lb 04oz, Peg18

2nd Daren Mallett 82lb 02oz, Peg2

3rd Chris Cooper 69lb, Peg12


Well done everyone!!

Open Match (Silvers Lakes)



1st Jamie Reed 137lb 01oz, Peg49

2nd Eddie Howman 131lb 14oz, Peg48

3rd Matty Knott 126lb 6oz, Peg41

4th Ian Boden 102lb 3oz, Peg43

5th Ricardo Baker 91lb 13oz, Peg40