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Autumn Festival 2023

Day 1


Day one of the August teams of three , three day festival and the weather was perfect. Plenty of early banter and the odd side bet going on. Team captains drawing for all lakes, no pressure.


Well done Jim Barroman on drawing himself a flyer on Willow and an end peg a piece for his two team mates, but they still had to catch them and that’s what they did scoring a perfect 3 points on day one, well done gents.

Jim also took the lake record on willow today even after getting knocked back on his nets.

There were a few knock backs today costing a few points so improved clicking on the cards tomorrow gents:


1st Jim Barroman 171lb 4oz P20

2nd Jason Zenith 141lb 11oz P5

3rd Mark Haistead 138lb 8oz P14


1st Mark Pollard 95lb 8oz P22

2nd Stephen Crowe 84lb 12oz P23

3rd Andy Page 76lb 3oz P36


1st Jack Damant 126lb P51

2nd Matthew Crowe 113lb 7oz P42

3rd Matty Knott 93lb 9oz P43

Some excellent weights today and well done to all framers . Early days and all to fish for. See you all in the morning, time for a beer.

Day 2



1st Mark Pollard 137lb 02oz, Peg 51

2nd Widget 123lb 13oz, Peg 42

3rd Steve Poole 101lb 5oz, Peg 49



1st Jack Damant 206lb 08oz, Peg 11

2nd Marv Price 131lb 14oz, Peg 14

3rd Matthew Crowe 125lb 15oz, Peg 18



1st Lee Coomber 121lb 12oz, Peg 22

2nd Jason Zenith 94lb 13oz, Peg36

3rd Jimbo 84lb, Peg 28

Bbq tomorrow everyone.. see you in the morning

Day 3


Day three of the August festival and the top places were not guaranteed. So it was all down to the final draw and the competition was on.

The weather again was in our favour and a glorious day on the cards .

Jack Damant does it again with a first on canal and bringing home a perfect 3 point score for the team.


1st Wayne Anderson 161lb 15oz P11

2nd Stephen Crowe 138lb 3oz P5

3rd Steve Poole 121lb 3oz P18


1st Jack Damant 130lb 14oz P23

2nd Matthew Crowe 109lb 8oz P32

3rd Matty Knott 92lb 4oz P22



1st Lee Coomber 122lb 2oz P43

2nd Jason Zenith 97lb 14oz P46

3rd Chris Cooper 90lb 1oz P49

Well done again to all framers.

The Results!!!!

Meadow Farm Cottages teams of three, three day August festival.

Once again we have had a fantastic festival attended by 27 anglers who have all made the event very memorable, so thank you all for that.

Combined we have weighed in 6450lb of fish over the three days, there has been some personal bests and a new lake record on Willow.

Massive well done to Jack Damant scoring a perfect 3 points for his team and weighing in over 460lb in three days.

Also a big mention to Jason Zenith with a consistent 2nd place on all three days and voted angler of the festival.

Big thanks to Jason W for cooking the BBQ and feeding everyone on the final day.

So the results…

1st, Jim Barroman, Mark Pollard & Jack Damant - 19 points

2nd, Lee Coomber, Stephen Crowe & Matthew Crowe - 21 points

3rd, Steve Poole, Jamie Reed & Jason Zenith - 31 points

Once again thanks to everyone who played a part and made another fantastic festival.

See you all soon.

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