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Winter League - FINAL Table

With our winter league coming to an end today (13th Feb 22) we would like to thank all who took part in making it a massive success.

We had some challenging weather for sure but then I guess you have to expect that being Winter.

Everyone got on really well and the banter was top draw.

Thanks to Nigel Shipp and Stephen Crowe for stepping in as reserves for a match each to keep the numbers even.

And the final results are in ..


1st place with 19 points and 302lb 9oz - Stuart Thornton & Brown Trout

2nd place with 24 points and 326lb 11oz - Lee Coomber & Matty Crowe

3rd place with 24 points and 293lb 10oz - Ian Boden & Mick Threadkell-Brown

I have to give a mention to myself and Jason who finished 4th with 27 points and 246lb 3oz

Also a shout out to Dave Brown Trout Trautner who almost scored the perfect result with 7 points from 6

Once again a massive thank you to all who took part and made this happen, now being on the summer .


Winter League: Week by Week Results

wks 1-3.PNG
wks 4-6.PNG
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