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Easter '2 Dayer'

(Canal & Willow Lakes)

31/03/2024 & 01/04/2024

1st Jim Barrowman, 3 points, 198lb 14oz

2nd Andrew Dearing, 4 points, 213lb 6oz,

3rd Jack Damant, 5 points, 223lb 6oz

4th Eddie Howman, 5 points, 209lb 7oz

5th Steve Clark, 7 points, 174lb 01oz

6th Lee Coomber, 8 points, 211lb 06oz

7th Steve Poole, 8 points, 168lb 10oz

8th Marv Price, 9 points, 174lb 09oz

9th Scott Denton, 10 points, 153lb 13oz

10th Carl Linley, 11 points, 148lb 08oz

Was nice to see some newish faces and Well done everyone .. Hope the fishing was ok and enjoyable for you…

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