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Day 1 - 2022 May Bank Holiday Festival (Silvers, Willow & Canal Lakes)


So day one of the festival and we arrived to an early morning frost and then high pressure . The sun soon burnt through but the fishing was moody at times with everyone having to work hard for it.

Some really close weights today on all lakes and there was all to play for with two more days to go.

Highlight today and fair play to Simon Denmark, at the weigh in his carp net slipped off the peg and disappeared under water, he was down to his boxers in no time and straight on after it. I think his comment was , I’ve worked hard for them and not losing them now.


Well done to all section winners today,



Matty Crowe 87lb 12oz

Mick Threadkell-Brown 62lb 11

Gianni 52lb 12oz



Marv Price 69lb 9oz

Paul Ready 69lb 8oz

Kevin Kingston-miles 65lb



Scott Webster 44lb 15oz

Steve Clarke 42lb 11oz

Matty Knott 39lb 7oz


Day two tomorrow and a full lake rotation!!

Day 2 - 2022 May Bank Holiday Festival (Silvers, Willow & Canal Lakes)


Day two of our festival today.

With no overnight frost, no wind and a mild overcast day the weather gods were on side for a very positive day

Draw complete and everyone was keen to get going, in fact most were set up ready to go with 30 minutes to spare.

Whistle blown and the bites were almost instant with poles and nets shipping in and out all over the place. We were definitely in for a solid day.


A new lake record in the Canal from Stuart Thornton with 152lb 1oz and good to see Marv Price break the 100 on silvers with 106lb 1oz, Ash Welsh almost bit the 100 on Willow with 92lb 15oz , great angling gents.

Well done to all section winners again today.


Ashley Welsh 92lb 15oz

Steve Clark 81lb 3oz

Matty Knott 63lb 11oz



Stuart Thornton 152lb 1oz

Ian Boden 86lb 4oz

Alexander M Lansdowne 58lb 1oz



Marv Price 106lb 1oz

Gary Mallett 71lb 1oz

Richard Baker 46lb 9oz


Big thanks to Matty, Jeremy and Alan for helping with the weigh in today

Great BBQ and Beer laid on today after the match and great to see everyone staying back for a social.

Two days done and it’s really tight at the top.

Day 3 - 2022 May Bank Holiday Festival (Silvers, Willow & Canal Lakes)


So today was the final day of our May Bank Holiday festival and it has been a massive success once again.

Firstly … on the final day it was all to play for with several anglers in with a shout of a top three finish. No one held back as it was game on from the whistle.

Well done to all the section winners today.



Simon Denmark 93lb 1oz

Paul Ready 92lb 4oz

Gary Mallett 73lb 11oz



Steve Clark 85lb 10oz

Scott Webster 81lb

Alan Blanchflower 67lb 8oz



Mick Threadkell-Brown 73lb 4oz

Graham Kettle 54lb 1oz

Lee Coomber 44lb 2oz


One festival, 3 days, 3 lakes, 27 anglers it all came down to the last few hours.


So with a fantastic result and a perfect score of three points and 209lb 8oz Steve Clark took the win, well done Steve.

Marv Price took second place with 4 points and 233lb 15oz.

Gary Mallett came in third with 4 points and 204lb 10oz.

We also had some achievement awards , Simon Denmark for his swimming and retrieval skills.

Billy Hughes for his duck catch and release skills.


Many thanks from us to all who joined us on this years festival and making it the success it was.

See you all again soon

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